3 things Telecom companies can do to become more energy resilient

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Engineering a sustainable future with efficient small wind turbine technology.

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Why wind energy?

Discover the benefits of wind energy and learn why wind turbines are the perfect companion for solar panels.

The Hyland 920

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Save money

The price of energy continues to rise as non-renewable sources dwindle. Transitioning to clean energy will save your business money on power, upkeep, and repairs. Get ahead of the curve.

Protect the Environment

No matter the size of your business, making the switch to clean energy sources will reduce your emissions and help lower your impact on the environment. Wind energy can help you become 100% renewable. 

Improve energy resilience

Downtime is expensive. On-site solar and wind generation can dramatically improve system resilience and reliability. Gone are the days where you need to rely on old power technologies that require continual maintenance and refuelling.

Become an industry leader

Set the clean energy standard in your industry. Global warming is real and these are the decisions that differentiate you from you competitors.

The Hyland 920

The worlds most powerful small wind turbine

A more sustainable alternative to diesel and a more powerful solution than our competitors - meet the Hyland 920.

  • Quiet and powerful
  • Rugged construction using advanced materials
  • Plug and play integration with 24 and 48 VDC systems
  • Easily retrofits to existing towers
How it works

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Every microgrid is unique. No two projects are the same. We are here to help you estimate the cost savings and ROI that our Hyland 920 can deliver.

Save On Your Energy Bill
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The Diffuse Energy wind turbine provided alternative power to key communication sites during a time when many sites were affected by mains power failure. Not only could we monitor energy production and consumption remotely and in real-time, but we were able to keep our sites and network services running for our government and the emergency services customers when they needed it most to support communities.

Andrew Findlay

Executive Director of Vertel

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We invested in Diffuse Energy because they are operating in an unambiguously large and growing renewable energy market. Small wind is the natural complement to solar in that wind often blows when the sun isn’t shining. The founding team are very strong and committed to building a generationally great company. Finally, we saw the potential for software-like recurring revenue from their small wind turbines.
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 Zac Zavos

Managing Partner of Shearwater Growth Equity

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We are changing the way telecommunications companies buy renewable technology. Our commercial model removes upfront hardware costs in favour of a monthly subscription. Our subscription model enables the rapid deployment of turbines onto towers in hard to service locations, converting them from diesel power generation to cheaper and more environmentally friendly wind-power.
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Dr Joss Kesby

CEO Diffuse Energy

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“Diffuse Energy exemplify what can be achieved when know-how, drive and commitment combine. Their passion to make real-world impact with their innovative technology is what’s needed to help drive economic and social outcomes. The team are to be applauded for their impressive commercialisation progress achieved in a relatively short period of time.”

Siobhan Curran

Manager, Integrated Innovation Network (I2N)

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“Through research undertaken at the University of Newcastle, Diffuse Energy has designed and built leading-edge wind energy technology that will contribute to a sustainable future. These small-sized turbines can be used as part of small renewable energy power systems providing complementary power to solar/battery renewable systems in a cost-effective manner.”

Philip Clausen

Head Aerospace Systems, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering  - The University of Newcastle

Providing Energy Resilience

Learn more about companies we’ve helped save on their energy.

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  • National Wireless
  • City of Newcastle
  • Solarrelief
  • Port Stephens Council
  • Positive (1)
  • Field Solutions
  • GBM

The energy revolution

3 things Telecom companies can do to become more energy resilient.

Telecommunications companies play an essential role in keeping Australia (and the world) connected. ...

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The Hyland 920

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