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Rethinking small wind energy

We’re a team of Australian engineers who obsess over building efficient small wind turbine technology that delivers proven return on investment. Our mission is to improve energy resilience and free businesses from their dependence on fossil fuels.


Welcome to Diffuse Energy

Diffuse Energy was founded by three colleagues from the University of Newcastle. We share a passion for sustainability and a devotion to designing a smarter, more efficient and cleaner future.

Meet the Team

Joss Kesby

CEO and Co-founder

A natural born leader and project manager; Dr Joss Kesby is the inventor of Diffuse Energy's high-efficiency wind turbine technology. His entrepreneurial capacity has been recognised in being awarded the 2018 CSIRO Stanford Australia Scholarship. In 2019 Joss received his PhD in wind energy from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

James Bradley

CTO and Co-founder

James has extensive experience in both engineering and business operations. James is at home leading the engineering design and product manufacture of our wind turbine technology. Prior to his time at Diffuse Energy, he had over a decade working in a variety of retail businesses, mining consulting, and engineering workshop management.

Sorrel Osborne

Sales and Operations Advisor

Sorrel is the former VP, Operations of martech start up Audience Republic and former COO of media start up Conversant Media (acquired by APN for $11.6M in 2016) 

Charles Gibbon


Charles founded his own fund management business, Risk Averse Money Managers (RAMM) and introduced Australia to index investing in the mid-80s.

He has made a number of private investments in a personal capacity covering software, digital and agriculture. He was the Chairman of WiseTech from 2006 to 2018 and remains a director and a substantial shareholder.

Zac Zavos


Zac previously worked as a consultant for IBM, Deloitte and Thoughtworks and sold his digital media business to an ASX listed company in 2016.

He sits on the board or advisory committee of Shearwater portfolio companies Playground XYZ, Earlytrade, Sitemate, SalesPreso and Diffuse Energy.

Mike Gregg


Mike was the GM of Link Telecommunications before leading a management buy-out of Health Communication Network (HCN) from the government in 1995. As MD, he saw it grow from no staff to an ASX listing during the dotcom days.

He currently has over 20 direct investments in a wide-range of companies including WiseTech, in which he invested in 2005 and where he remains a director and substantial shareholder.

He is passionate about seeing great founders grow with their businesses.

Ian Winn


Former CEO with more than 15 years in senior leadership roles, working with a range of boards, founders, and private equity. During this time he was involved in growing a start-up to $80 million retail sales and two equity buyouts.

Most recently he was CEO of Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers, a franchised mortgage broking business, with over 320 franchisees & a loan book of $26 billion. During this period Smartline was sold to REA Group ( and he completed a one-year transition process to the new owners.

Post Smartline he now holds non-executive director roles, chairs advisory board’s including Diffuse Energy & mentors CEO’s. He is also the founder of a start-up providing timely & transparent financial reporting & bench-marking for franchise groups.

The Hyland 920

The worlds most powerful small wind turbine

A more sustainable alternative to diesel and a more powerful solution than our competitors - meet the Hyland 920.

  • Quiet and powerful
  • Rugged construction using advanced materials
  • Plug and play integration with 24 and 48 VDC systems
  • Ideal for telecommunications, mining, and utility markets
How it works
How it works

Under the Hood

See what makes the Hyland 920 a leader in small wind turbine technology.

power curve

Power curve

The Hyland 920 wind turbine system includes a Diffuse Energy maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller that optimises the amount of power extracted for a given wind speed. For wind speeds beyond 18 m/s (65 kmh) the controller is designed to reduce the rotor speed to limit the power output to 1 kW and prevent the damage of electrical systems.

noise output

Noise output

Noise output of modern small wind technology is low. When assessing noise levels of existing wind turbines certified by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) average noise levels are reported at 45 dB(A) for an open-blade horizontal-axis design. Noise of this level is deemed within the range of “quiet radio music” by Safe Work Australia.



The Hyland 920 leverages over 20 years of research and development at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Mechanical components have been designed in accordance with international small wind turbine design standard IEC 61400.2-2013. State-of-the-art computer aided engineering software has been used to verify the wind turbine components. Wind loading has been calculated as per AS1170.2 for Category D wind speed with a return rate of 50 years. Composites used in construction have a minimum rated UV exposure life of 20 years.

wildelife impact

Wildlife impact

Studies have shown that there is little evidence that wind turbines pose a significant danger to birds or bats. Diffuse Energy’s novel wind turbine technology may assist wildlife in avoiding wind turbines. Our rotor is enclosed by an aerodynamic shroud which by design prevents exposure to the blade tips. Also, the higher rotational speed of small wind turbines is a larger deterrent for animal interaction.


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