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A few questions we get asked

We have compiled some frequently asked questions to help you.

Why small wind?

Our world is speeding towards a future powered by renewable energy. But what happens when you can’t connect to the renewable electricity grid? It’s a serious, and often overlooked problem. Small wind is an ideal way to produce clean, renewable energy in off-grid scenarios. The natural wind resource complements solar generation, especially when coupled with a battery system. In many situations telecommunications customers cannot economically add additional solar PV modules to fulfill their power requirements. Installing a small wind turbine helps you lower monthly expenses and reduce carbon emissions. The turbine:

  • Is complementary to existing solar PV generation
  • Is able to generate at night
  • Keeps batteries trickle charged, thereby improving cycle life.
  • Have a greater output than solar PV, when appropriately sited.

What applications are suitable for small wind turbines?

Our technology has been designed in direct consultation with leading wind energy experts and off-grid customers. These customers have prohibitive space restrictions for solar arrays due to small site footprints and are therefore reliant on diesel generation. Additionally, there is a significant cost and risk in supplying diesel to these isolated locations.

Our turbines work for:

  • Telecommunications, broadband and TV networks
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Remote monitoring and data logging sites

Ideal locations include, open, exposed, and elevated areas free from obstacles and buildings.

How proven is your wind turbine?

We have invested more than  4 years of product research and development, including extensive computational simulations, wind tunnel testing, and field testing.

Our technology is proven and leverages over 20 years of research expertise at the University of Newcastle.

Our blades have been precision engineered from carbon fibre composites and key structural components are machined aluminum and stainless steel. The electronics have been developed by control engineers, experienced with the small-scale wind.

What about solar PV modules?

Recent reductions in cost of solar PV and batteries have seen widespread uptake. This is an exciting opportunity to reduce the entry barrier to renewable energy. Many of our customers have reached maximum renewable penetration limits with solar PV alone and see the oversizing of solar PV modules for redundancy as costly.

Our wind turbine is designed to complement existing generation. It is easily retrofittable to existing power systems, meaning that the total system cost is reduced.

Why choose your turbine?

The Diffuse Energy technology was invented at the University of Newcastle, Australia - and leverages +20 years of peer-reviewed small wind turbine research. Dr Joss Kesby and Dr Samuel Evans received their PhD’s within the wind turbine research field. The core team has close ties to the university to ensure ongoing  development of our technology. Few small wind manufacturers can claim this depth of expertise. 

Besides our market-leading efficiency, our turbine features; a plug-and-play electrical system for 48 VDC telecommunication sites, provides improved safety and reduced noise during operation while being compact in size to facilitate site retrofit on existing towers.

We have carefully designed our turbine and chosen materials to give it a long operational life of 20+ years.

What wind resource is available at my site?

Determining the site wind resource can be a challenging endeavor which is why Diffuse Energy will help with establishing the ideal position for your turbine. We have access to state-of-the-art wind resource modelling tools.

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