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Why small wind?

Small wind is the ideal way to produce clean, reliable and renewable power in off-grid locations.

Customers who rely on diesel generation are exposed to fluctuating fuel costs, rising CO2 emissions and damage to public reputation. Site access for maintenance and refuelling can be halted by natural disasters such as bushfires. What are you doing to make your business operations more resilient? 

Our innovative Hyland 920 wind turbine plugs seamlessly into existing infrastructure to convert your operations from diesel power generation to cheaper, more resilient and environmentally friendly wind power.

Small wind is relied upon for many off-grid scenarios. Applications include telecommunications, remote mining operations, rail signaling, agriculture and other businesses that depend on remote area power systems. Locations suited for telecommunications often have all the right ingredients for wind power; elevation, existing infrastructure, and a clear line-of-site.

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Reasons why

Small wind makes sense


Complement solar

Small wind is complementary to solar and an ideal way to accelerate your transition to reliable, sustainable power and reduced operating costs.


Generate overnight

Need an energy supply that isn't correlated to the sun? Wind power can generate at night or during extended periods of rainy weather.


Battery ready

Keep your batteries trickle charged. Reduce wear and tear with a diverse energy input. Our MPPT controller is engineered for 24 and 48 VDC systems.


Save space

Many telco sites are constrained by their lease footprint. Small wind turbines can excel in this situation where more solar PV is not an option.

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Wind energy resources and downloads

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"Why wind?" guide

Save money, reduce emissions and increase business resilience.


Technical specifications

Discover how the Hyland 920 is powering a cleaner tomorrow.

Case study document

Case study document

Case study: unlocking savings at telecommunications sites